Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Lumency fully supports the preservation of the environment and encourages all employees to take necessary steps to ensure that no damage is done to the environment in the execution of their duties on behalf of the Company. The Company and its employees take responsibility for the environmental impact of its activities. As a minimum Lumency complies with all relevant legislation and seeks to progressively reduce the impact of the business on its environment.

Our most significant adverse environmental impacts are:

  • Consumption of natural resources in the development, production, marketing and distribution of our work and in our general office operations
  • Emission to the atmosphere from the use of carbon based energy in production, marketing, travel and general office operations
  • The environmental performance of our suppliers
  • Production of waste materials

Our Commitment

To deliver this Policy, we endeavor:

  • To observe international, national, provincial, state and local environmental laws and regulations in the management of our operations
  • To ensure our portfolio of products and processes of manufacture are FSC accredited
  • To consider the environmental performance of key suppliers, and co-operate to achieve higher environmental standards
  • To reuse and recycle as much waste as possible
  • To use renewable paper sources at all times
  • To source environmentally friendly products in all aspects of business operations
  • To ensure all employees, in the course of their duties, act in accordance with the environmental policy
  • To use energy and fuel efficient transport
  • To reduce office environmental impact through conscious actions such as reduction of lighting, air conditioning, harmful inks, paper use etc.
  • Offer and implement for clients the option to offset their carbon footprint through purchase of carbon credits
  • To routinely evaluate internal environmental impacts and source a means of reduction

Continuous Improvement

To examine best practices achieved within other organizations which we can draw upon to facilitate continuous improvement in our environmental performance.
Lumency also supports a charity to further our commitment to the Environment.

Carbon Zero

Lumency has entered into a system with Carbon Zero to effectively manage the offsetting of our business travel. Offsets are an important mechanism for neutralizing environmental impact. By choosing to offset activities such as travel, we can balance out and even neutralize the carbon contribution.

All clients will be advised of the greenhouse gas emissions incurred through the duration of their project using the Carbon Zero emissions calculator. The option to purchase carbon offsets will be added to all invoices. If the option is selected, a digital certificate will be provided for verification.

For additional information on this program, go to www.carbonzero.ca

Internal Environmental Policy Actions


  • Implement a waste minimization policy and ensure responsible disposal of waste generated
  • Reduce environmental impact to the atmosphere from the use of carbon based energy in production, marketing, travel and general office operations
  • Encourage an improved environmental performance from our suppliers, where applicable
  • Continually examine and improve current consumption of natural resources in the development, production, marketing and distribution of our endeavors and our general office operations and seek a more environmentally responsible action


1. Waste Minimization Policy

To reduce the amount of waste we create, we will:

  • Ensure portfolio of products used are FSC accredited (in house and sourced)
  • Reuse and recycle as much waste paper as possible
  • Print all internal documents on least amount of paper required (ex. Handouts in powerpoint, double sided two pages)
  • Reduce printing of emails/proposals unless absolutely necessary
  • Utilize projector for internal status meetings (reducing paper printouts)
  • Promote and use internal recycling and compost through building processes
  • Seek products with less packaging
  • Replace plastic cups/utensils with permanent ones
  • Ensure proper disposal of electronics, batteries, printer cartridges
  • Reuse incoming boxes/packages for future shipping

2. Reduction of Environmental Impact

  • Reduce office lighting and air conditioning when not needed; use natural light whenever possible
  • Purchase only Energy Star compliant computers and printers
  • Aim to switch off computers and printers at night. Those requiring backup and the server will remain on
  • Avoid colour printing and print in draft mode for internal documents (less harmful ink used)
  • Replace standard incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps where possible
  • Ensure office cleaning procedures use environmentally safe products
  • Offer clients the option to offset the greenhouse emissions generated through marketing activities through the Carbon Neutral Company, particularly for flights and ground transportation (to be included as permanent line item on invoices)
  • Switch from paper newsletters to electronically mailed and/or blog format
  • Purchase Fairtrade coffee/tea and local items (ie. St Lawrence Market) for client meetings
  • Reduce impact of transportation by using public transit when possible
  • Use filtered water instead of bottled water
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator when possible

3. Supplier Encouragement

  • Source office supplies, creative processes and other collateral that are environmentally friendly, bio-degradable and non toxic where possible
  • Encourage suppliers to quote and provide environmentally friendly products
  • Include a message in our email signatures and eNewsletters reminding receiver to not print unless necessary

4. Continuous Improvement

  • Review internal environmental impact in relation with the above policy on a quarterly basis and continually seek means of improvement
  • Ensure all employees adhere to this policy and understand their responsibilities in putting it into practice