Operating Our Business for the Better

At Lumency, we operate our business in part on a set of ‘heretical ideas’.  We call the ideas ‘heretical’ because most of the ideas wouldn’t fly in most businesses.  Because we’ve remained independent and we’re privately held, we have the ability to be a little heretical.  

Tribe First

We call our team a Tribe.  We are talented individuals gathered together around shared values and with a common purpose. We’ve organized our structure around Tribal Theory; size and role of workgroups, size of business units.

While our clients are not second, we put our Tribe first.  A healthy, growing, engaged, efficient, on-values workforce delivers better value for its clients.  

If a team isn’t healthy, growing, engaged – the team can’t do its best for the clients/customers/communities it serves.

Profit is an Outcome, not an Objective

If we make decisions in our business based on a profit motive, we’re not going to do what’s right for our clients, for our Tribe or for our communities.  If we do great work, deliver strong value to our clients and manage our cost inputs effectively, we will be profitable.  Outcome, not objective.  

The Growth Necessity  

The primary reason for growth in our business is to provide opportunities for our people and to be able to do work that attracts the best talent, the best clients and the best opportunities.  

The members of our ownership group, all of whom work in the business, aren’t inspired by more money or a larger house.  Like all of us, they’re inspired by the opportunity to do great work and to learn new things.

Hire Slow, Fire Fast

We’re a twenty-two-year-old business.  Around year number eight, we learned a valuable lesson, not for the first but for the last time.  Its better to spend time, resources and energy up-front in the recruitment process than it is to have to manage with a bad hire.  Depending on the role we’re hiring for, Lumency’s recruitment process runs between eleven and fourteen steps, with mid to senior tenured roles going to Client for a ratification interview.  

In the rare instances where we’ve invited someone to join our Tribe and they wind up not being a good fit or they aren’t performing, after our best efforts to make it work, we exit them quickly and respectfully.  

Culture is our Operating System

At Lumency, we’re highly intentional about our culture.  The way we behave, the way we treat people, the way we communicate and the way we deliver our work is what defines Lumency’s culture.  

Core Values is our Primary Lens

Our Core Values are: Credibility, Transparency, Kaizen, Ownership.  

This set of values are inextricably linked to who we are.  Our set of Core Values is a lens we use for every decision we make.  Lumency Core Values guide all aspects of our organization from recruiting and performance management to business strategy. 

We only Work with Leaders

We only work with clients who are leaders in their space by market significance, commitment to innovation, or both.

Leaders behave differently.  Leaders want to be challenged and want to challenge us.  Leaders are comfortable shining the light into the dark corners. Leaders love to measure.  Leaders have a clear idea of what the best version of themselves is and then they set a course to achieve that vision.  Leaders spend very little time thinking about those in their categories that are following.  Leaders lead.

Be “Glocal”

We work in 14 different country markets.  In order to be successful at this, we bring a global perspective delivered with local understanding and local relevance.  We’ve become astute at acclimating to cultures and context is everything to us.

Remain Specialized

We are manically focused at being very good at relatively few things.  We are experts in Experiential and Sponsorship Marketing and Content.  We don’t create print ads, we don’t build websites, we don’t buy traditional media and we don’t work in shopper marketing.  We feel we can bring the best value to our clients by remaining specialized and in our Sponsorship Practice – by remaining firmly footed in the brand/sponsor side of the sponsorship transaction.  

No, Unless Yes

No, unless yes rather than yes, unless no.  

With resources, time, energy – we believe in being choiceful.  Unless an opportunity has a compelling reason to say ‘yes’, it should be a ‘no’.  Life is too short to do anything because we can’t find a good enough reason for a firm ‘no’.     


Operating Our Business for the Better