Crafting a Multi-Tiered Partnership & Activation Strategy

CASE STUDY: Toyota | Sport & Mobility Brand Platform | Olympics/Paralympics | Canada & Global


Leverage Toyota’s global investment in the Olympics and Paralympics to create domestic relevance in Canada, drive national awareness for the Olympic partnership, and build intimacy with Canadians to strengthen overall brand desire.


Lumency created a unifying platform vision and multi-tiered partnership strategy leveraging Athletes and National Sport Organizations (NSOs) to drive forth brand and business objectives and support the Sport & Mobility pillar.


We developed a domestic strategy designed to complement and enhance Toyota’s network of existing partnerships and global vision around the Olympic and Paralympic Games. 

The strategy focused on connecting global rights via domestic partnerships with the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC), Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC), as well as National Sport Organizations (NSOs) and Athletes.


The NSO partnerships were a critical component of the Sport & Mobility Platform. To evaluate the NSO partner opportunities Lumency developed a comprehensive assessment scorecard.

The scorecard was designed to measure performance of the NSOs against three key brand focus areas, and included 18 performance criteria, with category weighting based on the value to Toyota.

As part of the scorecarding exercise, we reviewed 34 Summer and 11 Winter NSO opportunities, and developed a shortlist of target NSOs.

We then utilized our proprietary TrueValue™ tool to perform valuations on partnership proposals from the shortlisted NSOs, followed by building and executing a negotiation strategy that secured four NSO partnerships on Toyota’s behalf.


Lumency worked in conjunction with Toyota to lead integrated agencies to drive engagement via various content platforms and omni-channel teams (i.e., digital, PR, employee engagement, dealer network), ensuring consistent uptake of platform principles across the brand.

We leveraged the NSO relationships to gain exclusive access to events and athletes across the country, and developed thematically relevant experiential touchpoints that would resonate with target consumers.


Lumency manages the relationships with the NSO partners on Toyota’s behalf, including facilitation of regular status meetings to ensure the partnerships deliver against Toyota’s business and brand objectives, and commitment to contract deliverables. 

We strive to reflect Toyota’s values within the partnership management, including support of NSO objectives where they align with Toyota’s brand goals.

We also lead regularly scheduled Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) planning sessions within Toyota to maximize the partnership reach and effectiveness, while managing and tracking against measurable objectives.


By building a tightly integrated set of partners, Toyota benefits from an always-on sport platform that connects with Canadians across the Olympic/Paralympic cycle, not just in Games years, driving deeper emotional relevance with consumers.

On Toyota’s behalf, Lumency manages athlete and property rights, designs and plans activation and implements measurement protocols. Leveraged across a 360-degree connections plan, these partnerships also provide Toyota opportunity for experiential activations and storytelling through content all aligned to brand and business objectives. 

Experiential activations across 30+ grassroots and national events drive association and consumer engagement, while generating compelling content for the Toyota brand. The recent Play As One wheelchair basketball initiative performed within the top 25% for key activation health metrics compared to industry benchmarks. Toyota also achieved best-in-class results from an impact perspective with favorability, purchase intent and positive brand image attributes all measuring within the top 10% of industry standards.


Crafting a Multi-Tiered Partnership & Activation Strategy