Building Loyalty & Awareness with an Educational Win-Win Program

CASE STUDY: Lexus | Lexus Design School Challenge | Vancouver Auto Show 2019 | Canada


Increase brand loyalty for Lexus, and continue to build awareness for the brand and launch of the Lexus UX.


We know that brand loyalty is tied to consumers’ perception of a brand’s legal and ethical responsibilities, and can be improved by enhancing positive functional and symbolic images.

Lumency leveraged this insight by showcasing Lexus’ commitment to corporate social responsibility—and the design community, in particular.


We helped create a national program that engaged Canadian post-secondary design school students. The challenge was to create a custom display design to showcase the new Lexus UX on-stage at the Vancouver Auto Show.

The top three concepts chosen were presented to a live panel of high-profile judges, including representatives from not only Lexus but also Toronto Fashion Week and Artscape Daniels Launchpad—as well as the previous year’s winner.

The winning team was even flown out to the Vancouver Auto Show to see how their design came to life!


The challenge:

Created an ongoing platform for people to fall in love with Lexus – the challenge is by no means a one-off. Every year, design students all over Canada are encouraged to learn about Lexus and craft and submit a design using the microsite we helped create. The platform gives Lexus the opportunity to tap into the brilliant minds of tomorrow while building brand love and loyalty today.

Reinforced Lexus’ authentic commitment to community and design – the challenge stands as testament to Lexus’ commitment to believing in, supporting and inspiring designers everywhere. Actions speak louder than words.

Launched a new model in style with the goal of building awareness for the brand and the Lexus UX’s launch, the students’ custom-designed installation drew thousands of eyes in person and online (and at their schools, plus their friends, their families…).

Made dreams a reality – the lucky winners were proud to see their design jump off the computer screen and be brought to life. And beyond that, they were given the extraordinary experience of presenting their idea to executives of a prestigious brand, visiting an auto show and gaining valuable experience about how design in the real world—not to mention an unforgettable test-drive!


Building Loyalty & Awareness with an Educational Win-Win Program