Safe Activation Playbook for Live Engagement

We are together once again, at festivals, at sporting events, at community events. As marketers in these spaces, we recognize the continued priority that must be placed on health and safety.  

In fact, since March 2020 we have continuously invested time and resources in preparing for live events. We have built a thoughtful holistic approach – restriction-dependent – to ensure clients have the confidence to engage live in a way that celebrates brand messaging and facilitates safe interactions.

Our Safe Activation Playbook has been built in conjunction with WSPS (Workplace Safety & Prevention Services), a not-for-profit occupational health and safety organization and a leading voice in post pandemic protocols, to ensure that all aspects of live activation have been considered. Specifically, there is an action plan for every consideration, restriction, and type of engagement. We are ready.

In this phase of returning to live, the following are a few considerations for brands from our Safe Activation Playbook:

Communication is critical – Whether with consumers or our on-site Field Force team, Lumency is committed to providing clarity around how risk and safety have been considered in an activation space. Social distancing queues, hand sanitation, asking our Field Force what we can do to ensure they feel risks are mitigated, ensuring adequate spacing and clear flow of the activation footprint—we are focused on amplifying communication around safety during this period. 

Hygiene, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and screening – We have leveled up our hygiene protocols and trained staff to ensure those protocols are upheld. We have developed relationships with trusted suppliers that provide PPE, as well as guidelines for the proper utilization of each type of equipment.  We have committed to engage with every member of our Field Force team to ensure they have the PPE that matches their needs in the moment. We have developed screening protocols in line with the highest government standards.

Sanitation and cleaning – We have aligned ourselves with sanitation experts to provide enhanced training to our teams, ensuring they understand how to properly sanitize each unique environment, and understand why it is critically important. We use recommended cleaning products and ensure team members are prepared to answer any questions consumers may have about our sanitation protocols.

Clear reporting guidelines – We have developed and trained our teams in how to self-report COVID-related symptoms and why it is important. We have an action plan for any COVID cases or contact that may arise, situation dependent.

Amplify with content – Content is a meaningful way to support live activation and reach those consumers who are not yet ready to engage in a live space. We provide amplification options to enhance engagement, increasing the potential for consumers to experience and share in the moment.

Manage high touch – Whether with QR codes, voice interactive displays, or motion sensors, our activation plans are ready to minimize touch and maximize safety and enjoyment.

Our Safe Activation Playbook is ready to support our clients to ensure live interaction leads to brand amplification and the creation of unique and meaningful moments that deliver measurable outcomes. 

By: Megan Cosgrove

Safe Activation Playbook for Live Engagement