Don’t Forget Your People

When developing brand experiences, significant resources are invested to create ideas, build assets, and determine what will yield the best engagement in support of measurable results. With so much work dedicated to the strategy and development of these programs, the frontline people, whose role it is to bring the activation to life, are often forgotten in the planning.   

Your people are what ​make your brand shine. ​ 

Ensuring you have the right people to represent your brand is key, whether it’s at an activation, in a retail environment, or another brand experience touchpoint.  ​It’s imperative for your in-field team to have the brand/product knowledge, people skills, and the know-how to maintain a strong presence in-store or at an event. 

Selecting field force team members ​is far more than a scheduling exercise—it’s an opportunity ​to create impactful and resonant brand moments ​that will support a brand’s measurable objectives. ​ 

For this reason, we see our in-field team as critical to every stage of activation planning.  We include our in-field managers in plan development, and thoughtfully consider how each element of the activation will be brought to life by the on-site team.  

We invest time and expertise in hiring, motivating and retaining the best.  We ensure a clear understanding of the traits and competencies that support flawless execution of each activation.  When hiring we look beyond whether candidates possess the requisite knowledge and skills by leveraging psychometric assessments to understand their approach to teamwork, integrity, consumer-mindedness, and multiple other key indicators of success.  

Our in-field managers are critical to this process and we train them commensurate with the significant role they play in the implementation of programs.  Our manager training complements our modular training program and focuses on their development as coaches and leaders to support and guide their teams effectively on-site.  We incentivize success and look to reward excellence. 

In-field teams of brand ambassadors are an essential asset in your brand experience strategy.  If they don’t effectively support a memorable and resonant experience that convinces an audience to think about and behave towards your brand differently, all the investment in strategy, assets and execution can be wasted.  

The secrets to our in-field team success are intentional recruitment and selection, thorough onboarding, seamless employment experience, organization and an exemplary training model. 

To learn more about our field force staffing solution see our blog post. 


Don’t Forget Your People