Activation is the bridge between value and ROI.

Assessing and validating activation of rights on a key property by key property basis is important for ensuring your brand is leveraging the full value from these sponsorships. This practice also enables your brand to better optimize and refine future activations, including the extrapolation of learnings across properties or property types.

Lumency’s approach to activation design is based on a set of tested and proven First Principles that best leverage a brand’s sponsorship investments and the associated value to drive stronger ROI.

The principles ensure activations are holistically planned, taking into consideration brand touchpoints across the connections mix.

These principles are used to evaluate and recommend optimization of existing partner activations as part of our scorecarding process.


Consumer first. Property out front. Brand aligned.

Enhance the fan experience, don’t interrupt it.

Be of service to the fan. Address pain points.

Create ownable ‘space’— physical, social & digital.

Be a super fan, demonstrating that the brand believes what fans believe.

Build/own relevant and attractive/magnetic content— the brand won’t win if it doesn’t win ‘outside the building/outside the event’.
The opportunity audience is the content audience, not the live audience

Provide a compelling opportunity for the consumer to make the brand part of their story. Don’t force, ask, expect, bribe, or cajole the consumer/fan into becoming part of the brand’s story.

Build and deliver omnichannel 360° (210°/140°) activation plans that leverage the sponsorship across multiple consumers/stakeholders—trade, social, digital, mass, CSR, employees, live & regulators.


We evaluate the effectiveness of your brand’s activation across channels including on-site, traditional media, digital, CRM, trade/retail, social, and more.

We audit all property sponsor activation efforts to assess which brands are ‘winning’ and in which channels, and to determine where your brand is landing in overall share-of-voice.

We identify whitespace within the property’s orbit where your brand can differentiate against other property sponsors in connecting with fans/attendees/followers.

Incorporating all intel gathered from the activation analysis, competitive overview, and investigation into new opportunities, we provide holistic recommendations for how to optimize activations to be truly best-in-class across all channels.

The 360º Activation Wheel Analysis evaluates brand activation, for your brand and the other brands sponsoring the property and competing with you for share-of-voice, across connections channels.

By leveraging Lumency’s Activation Scorecard and First Principles, brands can gain a holistic understanding of not just the effectiveness of a multi-channel activation, but also how to improve future activations—course-correcting, implementing
new strategies and tactics and identifying new opportunities.

Looking to understand and improve the effectiveness of your activations?
We can help you assess, validate and optimize activations.